Psi World: New Fillable Character Sheets for a dead RPG.

In 1984 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU) put out Psi World, a role playing game set in a near future Earth where a psionic minority is oppressed by the non-psionic majority and governments. It seemed to have been strongly influenced by the David Cronenberg movie Scanners.

Only a few supplements were published, and then the game was pretty much abandoned by 1986.

FGU, however, is still around, and all of the original Psi World games and supplements are available as PDFs at their site or on DriveThruRPG.

Apparently, there’s still some fan interest in this game – a zine called The Psi Underground was published earlier this year. It’s devoted entirely to Psi World.

I’m thinking of running a one-shot of this, but I didn’t much care for the design of the original character sheet. It’s sort of ugly in a boring way, like a lot of 1980’s character sheets were. I’ve made my own 2-page fillable PDF version.

PsiWorld_charsheet_Fillable (PDF)

More of my never-ending parade of character sheets can be found here.

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