Return of the Dark Times fanzine

The Dark Times Fanzine (DTZ) has a new dedicated home at

To celebrate, we are looking to release a new issue soon, and are therefore looking to accept submissions for the great game systems we have the rights to produce material for. Also, we will be offering a small payment for articles - not much, but at least something. For more details check the Submissions page on the website or email us: darktimesfanzineATgmailDOTcom

We are also on Twitter (@DTZ_2017) and Facebook.

We look forward to seeing what you'll bring to these Dark Times...
The Dark Times fanzine is looking for submissions. We are a free pdf magazine dealing with all aspects of the horror, conspiracy and weird roleplaying genres. Apart from gaming material we also accept anything that can act as inspiration for games, or has been inspired by them. This includes short fiction, artwork, movie & TV reviews, podcast plugs and even poetry should the muse strike you!

Submissions deadline for the next issue is October 1st 2020, so if you have any material that you think fits the bill, or have any questions, you can send them along to us at darktimesfanzineATgmailDOTcom

Submission guidelines are available on request.