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Gaming life can lead off in unexpected directions. I've recently got re-enthused with the slightly potty d20 levels, hit points and nonsensical power creep of D&D and various forks and clones. The marvellous 13th Age brought my first resurfacing, quickly joined by Green Ronin's Fantasy Age and the indie hit The Black Hack, which spawned my own Heroic Fantasy book. I decided to 'do it properly', and instead of going the obvious D&D 5e route, I leapt onto the Pathfinder 2e train as it steamed out of the station. I really like it!

Now, I have been thinking about running an actual game of it. Thursdays nights won't work for that, so it looks as though I will be going online with Roll20. What game to run? I missed the first Pathfinder Adventure Path subscription, which seemed like a good way to explore the game with the Golarion setting. It remains an obvious contender. But then I started to think about my wasted youth, drawing fantasy maps, a fascination caused by the maps in The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings. I spent hours pouring over them and have a love for maps ever since.

I managed to dig out my original maps of Kallahn, drawn up in the 80s.

The original hand drawn maps​

This re-emergence has triggered me looking at the map making software that is out there and, much to my delight, I find that the world has moved on in a positive direction. An afternoon's work in the free online version of Inkarnate got me to re-envision Kallahn, initially from memory, in digital form.

I'm looking forward to going back to Kallahn and playing some games there, starting with my Christmas game with the family. More on that in another post.

I arrive at a time when the mapping scene is improving rapidly. I looked at good old Campaign Cartographer, but I think the investment will be too great. Inkarnate is about to iterate to a new and improved version. Subscripton is $25 per year. Also available, and thoroughly catching my eye, is Wonderdraft, a $30 purchase that runs on Windows 10, Linux and Macs.

I think I'm going to give this one a whirl and keep my eye on Inkarnate too.

Good times and good gaming (and mapping).

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