Review: Three Trojan Reach Adventures

Having completed The Demon’s Eye adventure from Pirates of Drinax, the PCs headed home, and on the way they learned of the Yarrow, an Imperial megafreighter which misjumped into the Marduk system, and became really enthusiastic about owning a 50,000 ton flagship for their burgeoning pirate fleet. I’m obviously not going on holiday this year because of COVID-19, which leaves me with more disposable income than usual, so I decided to get a few adventures set on and near Marduk – running two campaigns in parallel and working full-time means I’m chewing through plotlines faster than I can write them.

Marooned on Marduk

This one was okay. It’s a campaign-starting adventure, in which the Travellers get caught up in a pirate raid, crash-land in the wilderness, and have to survive raiders, hostile natives, and even more hostile wildlife. They just have to hold out long enough to be rescued. For a group of four or so beginning PCs it would work well enough, but it wouldn’t tempt my players; so the most useful element for me is the more detailed background on Marduk.

Gods of Marduk

This one is another go at fleshing out one of the adventure seeds in Pirates of Drinax into a full adventure. It has a promising start – the PCs are hired to crew a submarine looking for the mythical ‘gods of Marduk’, giant tentacled underwater beasties; there are storms, ruined temples, hostile natives with spears, and lots of tentacles. However, right at the point where the story starts to get interesting, the adventure stops. I was intrigued enough by what was there to want more, which is a good sign; but I felt I had only seen the first act of a play, with the story unresolved. I was, in short, disappointed.


This one is the best of the bunch, and with a little work could be turned into a short mini-campaign. Players bump up against the Oghman raiders, who are basically feuding viking clans in spaceships. There are several entry points for the campaign, ranging from being captured as slaves to being hired to spy on the raiders, but all of them take the Travellers to Oghma, where they become embroiled in local politics and learn the mystery at the heart of Oghman culture. I can see this one appealing to my players, who are currently in control of several ships but lack to crews to man them. It’s not an official Mongoose product, but as I say, it’s the best of this particular bunch.

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