Rise of Skywalker (Spoiler Free)


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After the show.
We went to see Rise of Skywalker last night at the local cinema in Wetherby with some of our friends and kept up our somewhat mad tradition of dressing up to do this. We had a good mix of the Dark and Light sides of the Force present.​

Jedi parents with young Rebel Pilot
The youngster looked at me and said: "I'm surprised that your costume still fits you, Daddy". It wasn't quite as cheeky as I thought as he later explained he thought that you kept growing very slowly as a grown-up (I guess that's true!).

We enjoyed the film; it did feel like there was enough material for two films and there was a lot packed in. The story felt like it was on fast forward the whole time. I've only spotted one small plot hole so far, and it's trivial compared to the whole motion of the picture.

Recommended; Rogue One it isn't, but still a fun film. The opening credits took me back to being seven years old as ever...

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