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Does Roll 20 work on a Chromebook properly yet? @First Age

What advantage does it add when I can already show PDF images via share screen on hangouts?
It doesn't really work on my friend's Chromebook, but it is a little elderly I think. The Chromebook is unable to run Discord at the same time.

Roll20 has the capability to have nice integrated character sheets with the dice rolling all worked out for you so you just press a button. If you're playing a game someone has done that for, or have the expensive account and can code it yourself.

I'd say it has cool mapping capabilities, but they're still not as good as MapTool had ten years ago, so meh.

Edit: I guess I should point out that I'm a bit down on Roll20, in case it isn't obvious. I still use it every week for the basic mapping tools, mind you.


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I suspect Discord won't be an issue (as I have an ARM Chromebook it should run well) but Hangouts where I was thinking.
The mapping bit is the thing I think would be useful.

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I'll try it. The key is probably 4GB of ram on the Chromebook.

Roll 20 may have character sheets ready for input, dice rolling Cam views and sound/music options. And that's not using the key features.

I'm using Discord for sound.


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I'll try it. The key is probably 4GB of ram on the Chromebook.
I'm already mentally spec-ing the replacement for my current one. Probably go 8GB RAM with 64GB storage and Full HD for the screen. That's when they sell that model over here ;-)


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Anyone know how to code dice rolls for Roll 20?

I need to do the following. Roll x d6 and keep any 6's as a success plus roll y d6 and keep and 6s as a success and flag 1s. I can't see a way to do it as the failure option subtracts from the success numbers which isn't what I want.

I suspect that I should simply do /roll {xd6}>6 + {yd6)>6 and visually identify any 1's in the y pool.


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I've just added the D&D PHB to my account on Roll20 in preparation for Curse of Strahd. Can anyone point me at how I actually use it and share it with the players?
I have logged an infeasible number of hours on roll20 so can probably help out. You can do some of the following:

1. On the table landing page (before you actually enter roll20) you will find a settings button. Click that and go to game settings. Compendium setting (the rules stuff) should say determined by character sheet. That is fine. Scrolling down you can select Share my Compendium with players and also set to allow players to import sheets. Further down you can set the character sheet, set it to D&D 5E Community as that seems to be the most common. Personally I just write macros as I find they are much simpler but lots of people like to use the sheets.

2. Once you enter the roll20 table you can either create a character sheet for your players or they may import them. Nothing requires a player to import or use a sheet, they could just write macros in the Collection tab.

3. You can provide players with a character sheet to use in the Journal tab. Select Add character. I would start of creating one for each player, set them so they can both be edited and are in the journal of all players. Once a player has claimed one you can change that to allow only them to access it. Once a player has claimed a sheet they can upload their own token to represent their character if you want them to. They simply hit edit and in the avatar box select click to upload.

4. I like to create folders on my table to store things, I tend to create one for handouts, PC character sheets and enemy character sheets.

5. As I say I don't tend to use the character sheet for dealing with stats and dice rolls, I automate things with relatively simple macros. Roll templates organise things a bit more neatly. Different character sheets support different roll templates. I am not familiar with the 5E one but the default works reasonably well. A simple one might look like this:

&{template:default} {{name=The Rogue attacks!}} {{Club [[1d20 + 10]] for [[1d10+4]] damage}}

You can get a bit more fancy, adding conditional modifiers like this:

&{template:default} {{name=The Rogue attacks!}} {{Club [[1d20 + 10]] for [[1d10+4 +?{Sneak attack|2d6} ]] damage}}

Fancier still?

&{template:default} {{name=The Rogue attacks!}} {{Club [[?{Advantage|Yes, 2d20kh1|No, 1d20} + 10]] for [[1d10+4 +?{Sneak|Yes, 2d6|No, 0}]] damage}}

Personally, for monsters, I don't put the attack roll into the macro for players to view. Mine might look like@

&{template:default} {{name=The Rogue attacks!}} {{Club [[?{Advantage|Yes, 2d20kh1|No, 1d20} ]] for [[1d10+4 +?{Sneak|Yes, 2d6|No, 0}]] damage}}

/w gm +[[10]]

The basic initiative macro looks like this:

&{template:default} {{name=Prepare for battle!}} {{Initiative = [[1d20+5&{tracker}]] }}

Obviously change the number to whatever the right modifier is. If you have the token selected when you hit the macro it will add the character into the turn tracker. If, when making the macro, you select only "token action" then you have to have the token selected to roll the macro.

You can find a lot of stuff on using roll20, sorting maps etc here:

If you have any questions I am happy to help. If you want to have a look at one of my more complete tables join this one:

It is for Pathfinder 2E but it will give you the idea. Let me know when you have joined and I will promote you to GM then you can see everything. I have a pro level subscription for the storage space so if you want me to create a table so you can use the features let me know.