[generic] RPG a day lockdown #67 - what makes superheroes special?

I've never come across gamers who were into superhero comics, though I was in my younger days. I guess I still am, in my way. I've also never found a supers game I liked, not that I ever got past character generation in any of them. So, theoretically what I like about the genre is creating your own character, which means games emulating published comic characters is out.

In the distant ages of my youth, before I discovered RPGs, I used to make up and draw and catalogue superheroes - probably an unhealthy obsession, I remember counting them once and finding I had around 1,400 of them. Each had at least a "character sheet", i.e. a drawing on one side and info on the back including supplementary drawings of equipment, vehicles, secret bases, etc. I probably did more supers role-playing before I started gaming than after. I still remember my first two, Pantherman ('75) and Electroman ('77), vaguely Batman/ Black Panther and Human Torch analogues, but not really that close. Pantherman was a technologically advanced alien stranded on Earth (which happens) whose stealth powers extended to telepathic communication (well, he didn't have a mouth). Electroman could fly and zap stuff with electricity after his origin involving some electrical experiment, (which happens), except he didn't actually survive - he was a sort of undead zombie animated by his electrical power. He got more and more emaciated and mummified as time went by, and I had the vague idea that one day he'd end up as a skeleton crackling with electricity, except I never got that far with his storyline.

As a kid I clearly had no idea how to make characters that appeal to kids.
I've never come across gamers who were into superhero comics
We were a rarity in the early days, to be sure. The world looked down on Wargamers. Wargamers looked down on RPG players. RPG players looked down on us poor sad fools that wanted to run Superhero games.

It's only really taken off since the MCU (well started with the X-Men animated series, really) and now there a just too many of everything, let alone games. Good ones, too.

How far are you off from writing your own - since you've already got so many pregens ready to go. (Limited use Heroes who never recharge their powers.......interesting idea. Gels with something I saw on Twitter today. Mmmmm...)

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"As an aside, there was a interesting Kickstarter where the resolution mechanics involed quick comic book panel sketches. "
I saw this being demoed at The Dudley Bug Ball this year, but didn't get chance to play