[generic] RPG a day lockdown #86 - introducing kids


When they’re very young


find out about a local nerd convention. Drag your kids away from their screens in the hope of finding things they can do in the real world. Take them to the con and find people willing to run demonstration games for them or for the entire family


get divorced while your son is still quite young and in your weekly visits run games for him and his friends rather than going to the Zoo or Park all the time. (Take them from 1st level all the way up to being wiped out in the Fire Giants. Then switch to d20 - I’ll NEVER call it 3rd Ed - and run them all the way up from 1st level to being wiped out in the Return to The Temple of Elemental Evil.)


Just leave them to discover it for themselves, even if they discover it through Critical Role and think 5th Ed is the One True RPG. That’s how we did it.
I think a lot of people overthink this, forgetting how much kids like being introduced to cool stuff as a change from the dull and boring chaff adults normally fill their lives with. You need to introduce kids to RPGs from time to time just to remind yourself how sponge-like they are with anything that grabs their attention. If they develop a liking for whatever game you throw at them, they'll soon be quoting sections of the rulebook at you and baffling you with their lateral thinking. That's what happened when you were a kid. Really.


Rune Priest
I tell you, there's nothing like having someone bring their seven year old daughter to your game to give a whole new view on things.

"I tell them they are being very naughty men, and they should go away and leave the nice cat people alone."

"Er, OK, I guess you'd better roll to see if you can convince them?"

"It says here I'm Persuasive." Clatter of d6. "See! A 4 and a 5, that's good, so they do what they are told."

"Um, yes, I suppose they do."