[generic] RPG a day lockdown #90 (last one!) - the product you always wanted

90. What is the one gaming product that you have wanted for years but never been able to justify, find or afford? What is it about this item that makes it so desirable to you?

This is the last question. We made it to 90, folks! Thanks to all who participated!
I want to put a dice emoji here, but there isn't one. I guess that counts as a gaming product I can't find at the moment! :D
I just wish I’d kept a copy of everything I’d ever written for #TTRPGS or - at least - everything I’d ever written for publication.

And thank you SOOOOO much for curating these questions. It’s been great.
The one product I can think of in the Star Wars Introductory Adventure Game. It's basically a starter boxed set of WEG Star Wars with slightly more streamlined rules and a few props like equipment cards. There was also an adventure which was fun and lame at the same time.

I like games with a low barrier to entry. WEG Star Wars is one the best in that respect, the rules are super intuitive, the setting is doesn't need explaining. I don't strictly need the boxed set version and I'm not prepared to spends £100 for the second hand copy, but I can see how the boxed set might make running Star Wars even easier.
The D&D Cyclopedia (original edition, not the current POD). The Dragon expansion for Talisman 3rd edition. The Further Information: A Gamemaster's Treasury of Time supplement for Continuum. There's also the non-existent stuff, like the final two parts of the Lords of Creation multi-box campaign.


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You know I don't really think I've got one anymore.
Things have been like that in the past.
I always wanted a Babylon 5 role-playing game, I couldn't wait for runequest 3, I always hope that one day they'd be a version of dungeons and dragons that I actually enjoyed running and playing, I hope that at one point they were being easy to access and popular Tékumel game.
Thing is I kind of had some of those some were disappointments some we're not actually as bad as the disappointment originally was.
I realise now but I probably could run a role-playing game with a big sheet of paper and dice and some pencils.
So no there's nothing really I'm hanging my nose over.


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I always wanted a Babylon 5 role-playing game
I always wanted a decent Babylon 5 role-playing game. There have been three versions and all three failed to hit the mark for me. I would like to see a new version of the James Bond role-playing game too. I would love to own a copy of the original, but a second hand copy it's quite pricey.
This one is easy, and though I hate to say this, Monte Cook's Ptolus was the one D&D 3.5e book that I always wanted but could never afford due to Monte Cook's luxury product pricing strategies (cue Invisible Sun, anyone).

Fortunately, with the announcement of the D&D 5e Kickstarter for the same Ptolus, and once again, the same exorbitant pricing, I guess someone who had the older edition was kind enough to sell it really cheap. I grabbed that cheaper version without blinking.

And so I so now, I am also the proud owner of the Monte Cook Ptolus Campaign Setting. :),

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(With apologies to Sarah Newton) - a version of Mindjammer that I can actually understand.
I ran a few Games of Starblazer Adventures (my first intro to FATE (sort of)); love the Mindjammer setting but somewhere along the line when reading the books and putting a Game together, my brain starts to dribble out through my ears.
Mainly for collector reasons, I wish I had picked up a bunch of MERP books back in the day, a copy of Ringworld, and the creatures book for Mechanical Dream, which I saw in a shop once and foolishly talked myself out of.


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I spent a lot of time chasing down Pagan Publishing Call of Cthulhu material when I discovered eBay, but the last few became more about collecting. I still need to read them.

I also spent a long time trying to track down the Robin Hood supplement that they did for MERP, which I finally got hold of. I loved the tasters in WD back in the day. Now it sits there with the Sherwood 5e book waiting for the next time that I get an urge to run a forest based game.

These days, I tend to find that I end up wanting and hunting down OSR books that I missed or wasn’t in the position to back the Kickstarter. Ultraviolet Grasslands being the latest.

On the vapourware front, I would have loved to have seen the AI game that DGP had planned when GDW took MegaTraveller back in house, and also the final part of the Lifeweb Trilogy for Faded Suns. Oh, and the Annilik Run for T4 done as per the proposal rather than the rubbish as published.

Going back to the original question, which I realise that I’ve slowly drifted away from: these days, I can generally afford to pick up a product if I really want it; the real question I ask myself is whether I will have time to read it or play it. If I can’t see that, then it has become increasingly difficult to justify.
I'm probably in the same boat as many ageing gamers in that I acquired my RPG holy grails over the years, or at least got a good enough look at them to decide I didn't really need them after all. There was also always the consideration of whether they's actually be any use if i got them -I'm as happy as the next person to just read game books and never run/play them, but in those cases cost definitely becomes a factor.

And allow me to add my voice to the chorus of thanks to @Stronty Girl for contributing to maintaining my precarious sanity over here.
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A really good version of Traveller, with plenty of story potential for everyone, good production values, a well written rules set that uses a carefully modernised version of the classic 2d6 system, and buckets of (non-essential) expansion and setting books.

I was hopeful for Mongoose 2nd edition, but it's too faithful a homage to Classic Traveller in ethos (see previous rant about losing in character generation), and the rules are not well enough written to make the grade. Good looking though, even if my rulebook is shedding pages like an early White Wolf game.

Thanks @Stronty Girl, it's been good fun.