[generic] RPG-a-lockdown-day - question list

33: What is a single memorable scene you've had in a game as a player that's stuck with you? Or name several if you want.

34: In terms of setting, what RPG do you really want that's not been done, or not done to your satisfaction?

(Edit: Beaten to it.)


The Guvnor
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36: You have five years left to live. What are your top three RPG bucket list items? Or are RPG s just not on that list?
I'm about to post question 34, which only leaves 2 more in the question queue. Any burning issues you want folk to discuss, or things you want to slake your curiosity about? Then add a question to the list!

37. The hotel and conference centre industry has come out of lockdown and decided that hosting RPG conventions is the way of the future. They have asked YOU to design the ultimate RPG con venue. Unlimited budget. Tell us all about your creation.