[generic] RPG-a-lockdown-day - question list


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80. Some settings are described in great detail but what balance between ‘canon’ and ‘non-canon’ is best for RPGs?
81. What other hobbies sort of scratch that roleplaying itch, without strictly being tabletop roleplaying games?
82. Game prep - planning a campaign, your thoughts?
83. Game prep - planning a one-shot, your thoughts?
84. Game prep - not doing any prep, your thoughts?

Come on people, 6 more and we hit the symbolic three months milestone!


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86. What’s the best way to introduce kids to role playing?

87. How can our conventions be more welcoming to newcomers?

88. What is it about a game that gives you the GM shivers and want to run it straight after reading?


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90. What is the one gaming product that you have wanted for years but never been able to justify, find or afford? What is it about this item that makes it so desirable to you?
Our current questions will take us up to Question 90, due to be posted on Sunday 19th July.
Do people want to stop at 90 or continue until the official RPG a day kicks off in August?
I personally think 90 is good (actually pretty impressive) round number that conceptually maps to three months in which we've gone from most things in the outside world closing down to most things re-opening in some fashion.

100 is a great number too, but maybe a clean break before the RPGaDay questions isn't a bad idea. I can't imagine there won't be a good deal of duplication between our that their topics.


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It's down to Amanda she's done an excellent job with this. I don't like duplication so I would propose to adopt the rpg a day questions.