Other Games RPG Group in Huddersfield


I'm one of the GMs of a small group that meets on a Wednesday night at around 7:30pm at IQ Gaming in Huddersfield.

The main game we play is Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000AD, but we have just finished one of the playtests for the forthcoming Rogue Trooper game (one of our GMs is writing it for EN Publishing) and we also have Orbis Terrarum, Paranoia (1st edition) and WH40K: Wrath & Glory lined up as possibilities in future.

We'd love more people to come down and join us. No experience necessary and you don't even need to have ever read 2000AD or seen either of the Judge Dredd films (although the one that featured Karl Urban as Old Stoney Face was MUCH better and more true to the character and the setting than the Stallone vehicle).

All welcome, from novices right the way up to experts.