[generic] #RPGADAY2020 - 24 - Humour.

#RPGADAY2020 - 24 - Humour. I refer the honourable members to the reply I gave earlier - for “dramatic”. Don’t force it. It will grow naturally out of the game. And, in my experience, it will. It’s trying to keep things “gritty and realistic” that’s hard.

Sit down any group of players to play an #TTRPG, any #TTRPG, and there’ll be good natured laughter within minutes - often within the first five minutes.

I’ve written and run “humourous” scenarios - notably my take on “The Orville” - (one running gag was to constantly find new reasons to take them through the energy barrier at the edge of the galaxy) but I’d much rather just give the players permission to riff and enjoy what they come up with.

Of course, things which crease you up at the table never translate outside the game so telling the story aftwards never works. (Being etertained in an Elven forest. Warm wine. Difficult to tell then men from the women. Not much to do. “Oh, we must be in Germany.” See?)

Humour and high adventure go hand in hand. The funm exciting stuff that happens in adventure stories and games often does not bear much scrutiny. A bit of humour helps gloss over the cracks and reminds that not to take things too seriously. This is why the original Star Trek and vintage Dr Who have aged better than Space 1999 or Blake Seven.

It has to be the right humour though for me. And that is humour that is true to chracter. I don't care for slapstick, puns or self-referential jokes. OK, maybe a few self-referential jokes. We are only human after all.