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Day 3...


There's a thread through my gaming, right back to 1983 when I first got involved. That thread came from Game Designer's Workshop and is the Traveller RPG. The first game I got was Call of Cthulhu 2nd Edition, the second Holmes Basic D&D and then I finally got hold of Traveller (despite the best machinations of the Games Workshop Credit Note system trying to holding me back). It was the game that I'd wanted ever since I first read about roleplaying games.

I've played Classic Traveller, plenty of MegaTraveller, a bit of Traveller: The New Era (but my heart wasn't in it), a lot of Marc Miller's Traveller (T4). I even dabbled in GURPS Traveller. I've never got T5 to the table (the manual handling assessment to read it put me off). I really like the way that Mongoose Traveller has re-embraced the game's roots in Classic and MegaTraveller.

Just writing this makes me want to run it again, and First Age has asked me to do that to remind him why the game is so fun. Hmm. Perhaps it's time for the long put off game set in the Hard Times setting?

Traveller is the thread that has sat at the heart of my gaming.

3 August 2020

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