[generic] RPGADAY2020 - 4 - VISION

#RPGADAY2020 - 4 - Vision. I have no vision.

I drift through the world from day to day seeing what life throws at me and respond. Sometimes oddly, it’s true.

Golden Heroes was a happy accident. Squadron UK was the product of GW’s anvil and my wife’s hammer. My lightweight “Code” games came about because I wanted to make travelling to conventions easier.

Fate’s just put a massive pile of old unpublished Golden Heroes material in my hands and stepped back, saying “Make something of that!” and I have no idea what to do.

Imagine what I could do with my portfolio if I just had some vision (and wasn’t so f@cking lazy).
From a GM perspective, vision is a double-edged sword. Vision is what gets be excited enough to pitch a campaign and yet if I hold on to the vision too tightly it can end up suffocating the game. The best campaigns I often find are those which start with fairly loose assumptions and are allowed to float find its own vision through play.

From a game design point of view, vision is everything. I've just engaged game design at a enthusiastic, hobbiest level, but even has been revealing. And what I discovered is that the hardest part isn't coming up with good ideas, it is discarding those good ideas when they don't fit. And the only way to do that is to hand on to that vision firmly with both hands over those long, frustrating and confusing months you dedicate to the project.
I always have a vision of what a game could be like, if only players would cooperate and do the fun cool thing I prepped instead of the fun cool thing they just made up as they went along. On quiet nights I sometimes recall that vision, and dream of might-have-beens ...