[generic] #RPGaDAY2020 - Beginning


Beginning - nothing new to add here. I began writing my own games when I needed a game of “mine” to stand out from the other Referees at the Nottingham University group. So I bought Superhero 2044. When I was thrown out of Nottingham University and moved to playing with the Birmingham University group I tried running S’44 and they savaged it - especially a guy called Pete Haines. But, bless ‘em, their savage feedback on the game showed me what they wanted - to start off as SUPERheroes, basically - so I was able to do a quick “hack” of Gamma World. They loved it and, over the next few months, Golden Heroes developed.

I started going to conventions in the 21st century when my (now) wife said “You know that game you write?” (Squadron UK, 1st Ed, the illegal GH retroclone) “You need to go out and promote it - look there’s a convention on in Birmingham this weekend - why don’t you go to that?” (UK Games Expo.)
It is a natural implues wanting to start a story at the beginning. Not sure this is the best approach in roleplaying games.

In a new game, I'd rather assume the characters already know each other and have worked together before than start with a "and that is how they meet" scenario. Similary, if there is only one mission/adventure prepped for that session, I'd rather not do the "do you accept this mission" scene and cut straight to the action.
The beginning is where everyone is just starting to get a feel for their character, and may be more concerned with learning a new setting or a new system than they are with roleplay.

Middles, where everyone is in the groove, are much better than beginnings.