RPR Updates and progress

Most of the discussion on this seems to be taking place in the Facebook group. But I'll post updates here to keep everyone in the loop:

Role-play Relief – state of play as of 24th July 2018.
Simon Burley – me – offering the d6 Hack simple OSR rules using only d6. And anything else which is needed.
Dr Bob offering a Glossary of Email terms and a Scenario.
Ed Jowett – offering the full text of his game Era:Lyres
Nick Hembery – offering proof reading and copy editing
Dave Eadie – has donated three pieces of art.
Andy Bigwood – is drawing a map for Dr Bob’s scenario
There are 13 people I the Facebook group but none have spoken, yet.
Three “gags”/malapropisms – The Village of Omlette, Shadows of Oestrogen, “Why wasn’t the Elf allows in the pub? Because he was Bard!”

Obviously this isn’t enough. I’m now off work for 6 weeks and will devote my time to this project. I’ll start to personally email I can think of and confirm what they can contribute. I’ll also set up a public-facing web-site. And I’ll just start to write the beginners book myself – building out from the d6 Hack - as if I’m the only one contributing – apart from Dr Bob’s glossary and Era: Lyres.
We’ll put the “funny” book and glossy hardback on hold until we start to get some pledges of content.
Come on guys, start telling us what you can contribute or what else you can offer to make this project happen!

Things we could do with:
Offers to produce bespoke art
Offer to produce cover-art
Low level OSR adventures
Article explaining what Role-playing is.
Article explaining the history of role-playing, how to get into the hobby etc.
Funny scenarios or articles for the “funny” book for experienced role-players
Role-play Relief – state of play as of 30th July 2018.
Following on from the update of 24th July:
Kevin Rolfe has submitted the draft of a scenario for “Leagues of Cthulhu”.
Anna Blackwell has offered to write and introduction to Role-playing and a scenario.
I’ve swapped messages with Ed Jowett and asked him to write an article for the Expert book on how to take a game from idea to publication and start in the business. He’s also offering a lot of other material – very generous – but we’re going to hold off, see what else comes in, and see where his stuff can fill in the gaps.
You’ll have all seen that I’ve written a project proposal on GoogleDocs:
I’ve not had any negative comments so I take it everyone’s OK with it.
What I’ll do starting today is to email people I know individually asking for contributions – mainly for the expert book – making suggestions as necessary. This includes you lot. If you can think of anyone, please feel free to get in touch with them – especially if you have links with any of the “names in the UK TTRPG hobby.
I’ll share any responses I get as they come in.
If we don’t get enough to make the Expert book viable we’ll at least produce the beginner’s book. Bt it would be nice to produce a fat, eclectic volume of “stuff” as well.
Role-play Relief – state of play as of 31st July 2018. (1)

Following yesterday’s shameful begging letter we’ve got quite a few offers. Apologies if, in the rush I haven’t discussed this with people individually or have mis-understood offer. Organised in terms of the two books:

The Beginners Book:
Intro to RPGs – Anna Blackwell
D6 Hack – Simon Burley
Starter adventure – Simon Burley
Low level scenario – Anna Blackwell
History of RPGs – John Dodd
Glossary of RPG terms – Dr Bob (Stronty Girl)
Review of RPG genres – Paul Mitchener
Introduction to Indie Games/Story Games – Richard Williams (Epistolary Richard)
Era: Lyres (complete game) – Ed Jowett/Shades of Vengeance

We also have offers of :
editing from Nick Henbry and Neil Smith.
Simon Powell has donated a map for someone to design an adventure around. However, since this contains a link to a 3d version, its probably best kept for the expert book.
Claire Peacey had agreed to do “one or two artworks in conjunction with authors”. So if you NEED a bespoke illo. Let me know.
We could also probably include the full text of the One Dice starter set.

What is clearly missing:
A chapter on how to take the next steps – where to go for rules, how to choose, dice, clubs, FLGS, conventions, forums, podcasts etc. I’m happy to write this myself if someone doesn’t volunteer.

In the short term I’ll project manage this book.
Role-play Relief – state of play as of 31st July 2018. (3)

So what’s next?

1) The previous two posts have only covered offers we already knew about or which came in by return. I think I need to give it another 24 hours or so and see what today brings.
2) I’m going post in a couple of FB groups I’ve had suggested to see if we can drum up any more offers from Creators.
3) Allan is contacting SW people re: that license.
4) I need to contact Fria Lagan about Tales from the Loop
5) I’ve set up a dropbox file. If anyone has anything they want to put in there, contact me and I’ll link you in.
6) If you’re listed in either of the other two posts, feel free to crack on.
Feel free to use this 'song' I wrote way back in the 80s...

1000 Dark Young of Shub Niggurath sat upon a wall.
1000 Dark Young of Shub Niggurath sat upon a wall.
And if one Dark Young of Shub Niggurath should accidentally be killed by investigators.
There’d STILL be 999 Dark Young of Shub Niggurath sat upon a wall!
Worrying, isn’t it?
Right the glossary is exported into Word and I'm just waiting for my final proofreader/critiquer to get back to me. It is 19 pages long at size 9 Verdana font!
10th August: Just a quick update. I’ve had a bit of a crazy week. We’ve had one new offer of a contribution which I haven’t had a chance to follow up on yet. I’m hoping everyone who’s offered is working on their contributions and hope to chase them all up early next week.

If anyone wants to take on the role of co- or assistant coordinator to help out in weeks like this or, even, to just give me a kick up the backside from time to time let me know.