Savage Traveller: Type S Scout/Courier

My favourite Traveller ship of all time, here implemented in the Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion.

Type S Scout/Courier

Medium Starship: Size 8, Acceleration/Top Speed 45/600, Climb 2, Toughness 25 (6), Crew 8, Energy 100, Cost $23.72M, operating cost $880 per day. Remaining Mods 5.

Notes: AI, Atmospheric, Crew Space x3, FTL Drive, Garage/Hangar, Sensor Suite (Galactic).

Weapons: None.

GM Notes

This was even simpler to design than the Type A, because there are no low berths; add some crew space to bump the life support up to 8 people, add a garage/hangar for the obligatory air/raft (not included in the cost), atmospheric streamlining and FTL, and you’re good to go. The AI is not essential but it is so cheap compared to the rest of the ship that you might as well have one, and its ability to fill any crew role means the players can build what PCs they like without spending points on crew skills if they don’t want to – mind you, most crew skills in SFC are also useful in adventures, so the points aren’t really wasted.

With my ruling that one unused Mod represents 4 tons of cargo space, this has 20 tons of cargo and also works as a passable low-end tramp freighter, which in my experience is what most players use scout/couriers as anyway.

The recommended party ship (SFC p. 40) is a Medium hull with FTL drive and $2M customisation budget, so any FTL-capable Medium ship costing no more than $23M is OK. This is just over that limit; the easiest way to bring it in under budget is to degrade the sensor suite to planetary range, reducing the cost by $950K and freeing up an extra Mod. However, my touchstone is Classic Traveller, and that gives scout and military craft an edge in sensor capability, which I am modelling by giving them galactic sensors and civilian craft planetary ones.

The scout/courier’s ecological niche is already filled in the SFC by the Light Freighter (p. 49), although you have to play with the mods a little to bring it in under budget. So in group play I would probably start the PCs off with one of those instead.

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