Savage Worlds: Rocinante

Here’s the Rocinante from the Expanse novels, built using the Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion. Because I can.

Rocinante (ex-MCRN Tachi)

Large Starship: Size 12, Acc/TS 40/500, Climb 1, Toughness 34 (8), Mods 30, Crew 20, Energy 300, Cost $28.69M, operating cost $1,500 per day. Remaining Mods 6.5.

Notes: AMCM, AI, Atmospheric, Crew Reduction x3, Sensor Suite (Planetary), Superstructure.

Weapons: 2x Torpedo Tubes with 20 heavy torpedoes, 6x Light Autocannon, Mass Driver 6 (Fixed).

GM Notes

The Roci is established in Leviathan’s Wake as being able to disguise herself as a gas tanker; I’ve treated that as being able to carry a superstructure. The same book cites the normal crew as being about a dozen naval personnel and six marines. Comments about the ship’s expert systems and high level of automation in the first and fifth books justify an AI to me, although you could argue that’s just crew reduction. Those points together justify a size of Large and three levels of crew reduction to get the life support capacity down to about 20.

Initially fitted with six PDCs (effectively, Vulcan Phalanx equivalents) and two heavy torpedo tubes with a load of 20 torpedoes, by the start of Cibola Burn the Roci is also sporting a railgun, and during that book she lands on a terrestrial planet, justifying the atmospheric hull.

FTL travel in the Expanse is done using large stargates left behind by a vanished alien race, so the Roci neither has nor needs an FTL drive.

Humanity in the Expanse doesn’t have access to Ultra Tech, so has no artificial gravity or antigrav; this is a better match to the SFC than Traveller, but does mean the ships are built like skyscrapers, with decks stacked one on the other, and worry about things like fuel and high-G manoeuvres. The SFC handwaves all of that. Someday I may attempt to incorporate things like brachistochrone trajectories and characters stroking out under high-G; but I suspect I should leave that as background colour rather than forcing the players to consider it.

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