Savaged! Traveller Aslan


Aslan (Turkish): Noun (zoology); lion.

You can’t have the Trojan Reach without aslan, and here’s my take on them. Some GMs use rakashans from the Savage Worlds core rulebook as aslan, without making any changes; I’ve done it myself in fact. However, your proper Traveller aslan are bigger, stronger, and have a distinctive culture that doesn’t really suit the rakashans. Also, I want to try out the SWADE race creation rules, which have changed a bit from the Deluxe version.

Aslan are lion-like aliens with a culture much like that of samurai Japan; the Aslan Hierate is balkanised politically but held together culturally by a shared language (Trokh) and Code of Honour (Fteir). Aslan have strict gender roles; males fight and rule, females (who outnumber males 3:1) do everything else. Aslan do not get a free Novice Edge, but instead get the following package:

  • Attribute Increase (Strength): Aslan begin with Strength d6, not d4, and can increase their Strength to a racial maximum of d12+1.
  • Claws: Aslan have a dewclaw which inflicts Str+d4 damage.
  • Size +1: Aslan are larger than humans and have +1 Toughness because of this.
  • Skill Bonus (Notice): Aslan have heightened senses and enjoy a +2 bonus on Notice rolls.
  • Attribute Penalty (Agility): Aslan suffer a -1 penalty to Agility rolls (but not to skills linked to Agility).
  • Major Hindrance (Code of Honour): Fteir, the Aslan code, is important to all Aslan, and they strive to maintain at least the appearance of following its tenets.
  • Minor Hindrance (Greedy): Aslan are obsessed with owning land, and are always on the lookout for ways to obtain land, or more land, or better land. You may upgrade this to a Major Hindrance for one additional point if you wish.

That is more complex than I originally intended, but I think it reflects them quite well.

In reality, it’s just for player aslan, and for NPCs I would just wing it; I’m unlikely to do anything more complex than take the Soldier and Experienced Soldier statblocks and bump Strength up a die type.

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