Savaged! Traveller Vargr


Vargr (Old East Norse): Noun (m); wolf, evildoer, destroyer.

Vargr are hugely popular among Traveller players. To be honest, they don’t appeal to me, but in recent campaigns there has been a steady, low-level demand for them as a playable race, so I need to allow for that.

There’s no good match for them in the SWADE core rules, although I did hear of one GM using rakashans for both feline and canine races and giving them each other as racial enemies; so I needed to create a racial profile for them, and here it is…

Vargr are wolf-like aliens genetically engineered from Earth canines by a long-vanished race. Their culture is analogous to that of the 19th century Lakota Sioux; they have little respect for formal hierarchies, but are easily persuaded by a charismatic leader and constantly jostle for position. Vargr do not get a free Novice Edge, but instead get the following package:

  • Attribute Increase (Agility): Vargr begin with Agility d6, not d4, and can increase it to a racial maximum of d12+1.
  • Bite: Vargr have fangs which inflict Str+d4 damage.
  • Skill Bonus (Notice): Vargr have heightened senses and enjoy a +2 bonus on Notice rolls based on smell or hearing; this does not apply to sight-based rolls.
  • Attribute Penalty (Strength): Vargr suffer a -1 penalty to Strength rolls (but not to skills linked to Strength).
  • Size -1: Vargr are smaller than humans, and suffer -1 Toughness as a result.

I think that covers them well enough; I can see there being an aslan at my table for any future Trojan Reach campaign, but the vargr-lovers are currently busy with real life and have no time for gaming, so it’s entirely possible I won’t need this.

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