Other Games Scheherazade - do we need another d6 RPG

So, this seems like a great new role playing game built upon the trope of The One Thousand and One Nights but done the right way with reference to Scheherazade, the top class story teller.

The question is whether we really need another d6 RPG or whether the rules could have been better handled by a game engine already known like Wordplay or the Year Zero Engine

The Storyteller sets a Difficulty Level for actions and PCs roll a pool of d6s based on two Attributes. If the character’s Concept applies an additional dice is rolled. Every 4 or higher is a success. One die is represents Fate and can cause a negative or positive consequence.
, maybe?
I doubt there’ll ever be a cap on new TTRPG systems. I’ve got at least one new engine/mechanic waiting in my sack that only my wife knows about and it’s a killer - and only uses d6’s.

Anyway, if I come up with a brilliant new setting and decide to base it on an extant generic system, I’m beholden to and at whim of that system’s current owners. When they produce version X.Y I may need to upgrade all my products to stay in line.