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I ran Scheherazade, the One Thousand and One Nights RPG at The Owlbear and Wizard's Staff #OBaWS3 online convention last night. Much fun was had with a great team of players who threw themselves into the magical setting with great gusto.

With thanks to for capturing a moment in time in the session.

The system is a clever and simple d6 dice pool, with a fate die to nuance, and sixes that trigger equipment keywords. Some light complexities are packed into the game design and, as a system, it has a lot of utility beyond my slightly Disney take on ancient Persia.

The startup was complicated as half the players had either not signed up to the VTT or had struggled to do so, requiring us to play with dice rolls half on the VTT and half on Discord. I tried to front load all this by getting character selections sorted in advance of the session, but we got there in the end. In part, due to this, I also overran, which I really don't like to do. There is probably about 3 online sessions worth of adventure there and though I knowingly streamlined, it proved a bit too much for the sub three hour I had left after the setup shenanigans.

A nice session, enjoyed by all, with the cutest of game engines in a setting full of magic and delight. I shall do more.

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