[reading] Science Fiction And Fantasy Magazines In 2020


Rune Priest
Well, I don't want to be forever telling Google (or whoever is serving the ads) that they're offensive just to get rid of the nasty things.


The Guvnor
Staff member
In short, there are about 27 genre mags.
The well established ones (Asimov's, Analog, etc are profitable and thriving) the new ones are thriving but not profitable without voluntary support.

I subscribed to Asimov's on my Kindle.
In the old days I got it in post, and loved it. At £2 a month it's value.


Rune Priest
I pick up my local SF short story magazine (Shoreline of Infinity) each quarter when it comes out, generally at the once a month pub evening/reading/filk event they run.

It's still largely a volunteer affair, but they do publish some books as well, and have aspirations to reach the SFWA qualifying payment levels for authors.