[watching] Sebastian Stan as Luke Skywalker?


Level 7 Blingmaster
Kevin Feige to take on a Star Wars movie.

One knowledgeable source says Feige has told a major actor that there’s a specific role he would like that person to play if and when he makes the movie.

Let hope that he is going for Sebastian Stan and a revival of Luke Skywalker.


What do you think?
Would a new film with Luke, perhaps an older Luke (Mark Hamill) reminiscing about an old adventure after Return of the Jedi work?

Let’s hope it isn’t Brie Larson. 😮



Rune Priest
Highly unlikely, since all the chatter coming out of Disney/Lucasfilm is that the future movies will be moving completely away from the Skywalker saga. One of the new trilogies will be set in an entirely different era, one that is a thousand years before the events of A New Hope.