Sell me on TROPHY rpg

Not sure I can do it justice, but it’s an atmospheric, dark fantasy, rules light, narrative focused rpg which has drilled itself into my brain and won’t let go.
There are preview materials available from the Kickstarter page (basically the whole of the basic rules for Trophy Dark [one shot, structured horror/fantasy where the survival of the characters is unexpected and probably the worst thing that could happen to them] and the rules for Trophy Gold [dark fantasy fusion of the Trophy Dark ruleset with OSR ideas to produce something a bit more suited to short campaigns and characters who have a slim hope of surviving more than on scenario]).
The setting is really dark, and there are some really interesting ideas particularly (for me) in Gold with its guidelines on converting OSR modules by breaking them into somewhat abstract “sets”. Not sure how it would all pan out in play - it seems to lean heavily on the interaction between GM and players, and on expanding on the basic information in the sets as you play, and I really need to read some actual play (which will be included in the Gold rulebook) to get a better handle on how it works [read not watch/listen cos I don‘t really get on with actual play podcasts and the like].
The third book in the kickstarter “Loom” is a system agnostic worldbook - there is an overview of the world here (link to a Google doc) but it has a strong Symbaroumy feel to it.

The original Trophy Dark is based on Graham Walmsley’s Cthulhu Dark and heavily influenced by Symbaroum, and Trophy (Dark/Gold) has spawned some of the more interesting zines of Zinequest2, including Night Reign.

Hope this helps though I don’t think I have done justice to the feeling it evokes.