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So got to the Garrison Hotel just in time.

Firs session was Blades in the Dark ‘War in Crows Foot’ Pete Atkinson.
This was my first taste of Blades... and it was good. I generated a Cutter, Slate Durance, as part of the ‘Wreaking Crew’ gang.
I loved the char-gen as a group effort and the setting was very intriguing. The job itself went well, planning and doing were done at the same time. Lots of action and the game system zips along nicely.
I will look into this game again.

The score during the Blades in the Dark game (session 1) at Seven Hills. Four coins!
The morning (after the pre-con "drinking party") saw a goodly number of punters. I played in a game of Cartel (PbA). There was dark humour, much blood (none of it ours) and great enjoyment. Mush dash off to the Goblin Market, there's a game of Liminal to be had.


Level 7 Blingmaster
So for session two I was running Tales from the Loop ‘Bigtrak and Magic Tricks’.
I have ran this scenario three times before and I try the expand the content out.

I got five keen players and got straight into the char-gen. Gabby was the Bookworm with a full encyclopaedia at her disposal, Trent Rivers was the Troublemaker with a Swiss Army Knife, Rocker Carly with her signature Leather jacket, the Popular Kid was Vicky ‘Bad’ Manners with her Hi-Top trainers, and finally we had the Young Farmer Ben armed with a crowbar.
Their Hideout was an old barn on Stocker Flat Farm with a stage made from hay bales, an old sofa, a dart board, a ghetto blaster, cassette tapes that unspooled, and the whole place covered with bad graffiti.

The Kids took to the roadies setting up for the Magic Show, easy as they had a truck full of beer. They got involved in investigating the strange appearance of the Professor and the weird sphere he hid by the stage.
Hijinks ensued as the Kids had to deal with inappropriate behaviour from the roadies, dodgy TV magicians, two over-friendly MoD guards, and evading the Russian spies.

I haven’t laughed so much as we had some good jokes and situations occur in the game.
A very successful conclusion to the scenario with a few poignant moments at the end.

Session three was my Firefly ‘No Power in the ‘verse’ game. I had eight players so every character from the series was used except Shepherd Book.

A job offered from no other than Badger. A simple infiltration of a high-brow auction house to get hold of two lots on auction turned complicated as other factions and ship crews were after the same prizes. Data crystals that would point to the location of the missing, legendary survey vessel ‘Far Horizon’ from Earth-that-Was.
Lots of second guessing and reading the other rivals revealed the double switch and the Serenity crew managed to get the prize.
Shoot outs with some of the recurring characters from the TV series ensued as they tried to get off planet side.

A race into the black to get to the missing ship followed and a desperate plan to deal with a heavily armed foe. Everything came together for the grand finale and the revelation of a big secret the Alliance doesn’t want making public.

A very satisfying game with plenty of plot points flowing, character roleplaying, and every player getting their time in the spotlight.

After that it was a rush in a taxi to the railway station and a train home.

The players from my Tales from the Loop game.
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Thanks to all my players for Sunday's occasionally Epic Ironsworn. Unexpectedly, I had a full table of six heroes, who all got into their characters with great conviction. Much fun around the table as we charted our progress to the Tempest Hills. We created enough side quests for another couple of days of play.

A number of you expressed interest in acquiring the free game. I'm delighted to say that the big update has just taken place, and is now available at https://www.ironswornrpg.com/
Thanks to all the players in my games over the Saturday at Seven Hills. The stalwart explorers of the Scab in Numenera's Heart of the Colossus and the ragtag gang of kids plus Uncle Larry the Sock Puppet (Pete Atkinson - in need of counselling) in Electric Schemes made for an interesting weekend, with plenty of laughs, the threat of flying silver eggs the size of your head, Doctor Joe's special bedside manner, and some interesting takeaways for me game-wise.

Thanks also to Gareth Dean for Fragged Empire - where I fear I may have derailed some prep when I proposed we throw ourselves through space to reach a target rather than storm our way past the enemy in our ship; and to Guy Milner for 13th Age Glorantha, where Jest the Alynx stole my thunder more often than not in the heat of combat.

Historical games for next year? Yes, please!


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Awesome con full of Win :D

Maximum thanks to Elaine McCourt for running an ace game of Cartel on Saturday morning, all the players of the Mega Monkey 2 (especially John who played in all three parts and helped give it a sense of continuity, plus was just damn good fun :) ), and Alison and Debbie who played in Beyond Dread Portals on Saturday Night who got into the spirit of what the game does and lifted what could have been a dour confused tired slot 3 game into something truely magically (with NO COMBAT!).

Big thanks to the organisers, especially outgoing 7 Hills chief Paul Mitchener who has provided a haven for fun gaming at the beginning of spring for the last five years :)

Here's to next year with the ever-capable +Guy Milner at the helm :)
I really enjoyed Seven Hills. It's now in the capable hands of Guy Milner, with support from Jag Goroya. Next year's theme is "historical".

As I have most years, I found it an oddly relaxing experience, though part of that may have been knowing I'd hand it over. Friday night was set-up followed by too much beer. On Saturday I found myself in the foolish position of running three games. All three were a bit experimental for me (Trail of Cthulhu with scenario technique, Liminal being the first public play of something new, and Far Frontiers some experimental hacking of Fate and "Star Trek serial numbers replaced" setting). All three I enjoyed.

And on Sunday I played. j0rdi's game of neolithic hunters on the quest for meat, Wurm. An intriguing premise and very unfussy system; I do look forward to my physical book coming from the Kickstarter. Then came Newt's Monkey; good light hearted show-off stuff, ovér the top but not silly.

And it's not mine anymore! Which is something I can face with relief and looking forward to being an ordinary attendee. All the issues arising were small. I'm feeling very satisfied that Seven Hills is there and will continue, and glad I was there at the start.
I had a lovely time. I had a drink and then got to chat to people I don't normally chat to - include myself and Dr Moose having our tri-annual Lancaster conversation. I played Saga of the Icelanders and went from slave to reaver. I played Apocalypse World/Into the Badlands and played the Lippy Northern Edit of Sunny. And I ran an impromptu 'Powered by Monster' game of Fate Accelerated when robot chickens nearly killed Nick IRL. And I won Star Trek Adventures in the raffle and got home early too! Sweet.
I had a really good time! Plenty of pre-Con conversation & alcohol consumption, the delight of a room on-site rather than the walk down to the Allara, good company and good games (with a side order, perhaps, of Con-chaplaincy).

A game in each slot was rather unusual for me, and very welcome. Elaine's Cartel game was rather out of my familiarity zone, but no less fun for that. Dr Mitch's Liminal Goblin Market was most enjoyable (have you backed the Kickstarter yet?), as was his space opera Fate (where I inflicted a cod-Russian accent on everyone whether they like it or not - no regrets). A timetable re-jiggle saw me get to play 13th Age Glorantha in The Beard of Lankhor Mhy - a good, old-fashioned romp & stomp into the heart of chaos (and back unscathed) - as well as referee my game of Traveller later (which went down well).

All in all a damn fine Con!