7 Hills Seven Hills 2019 - Historical

Mark your diaries / electronic filofax equivalents - Seven Hills 2019 has been booked for 6th/7th April 2019. As usual, it'll be at The Garrison Hotel in Hillsborough, Sheffield. The them for this Seven Hills is Historical - this theme is strictly optional, but if you want to try and run a game set in the actual or alternate history of this or another world, fill your boots.

We'll let you know when registration opens, and we look to populate the games timetable - we're just getting the date in early so you can block off the weekend and get your thinking caps on!


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SCUP (The Sword, The Crown and the Unspeakable Power) would probably do it fine if you tweak it a little, if you want PbtA.
This is a bit of s shameless plug, but Guy Milner and Declan Feeney confirmed that Dragons Conquer America would definitely count as a historical game, albeit alternate history with fantasy dragons. If anyone is interested and we can get more backers on Kickstarter, then added to the existing Mexica culture we can also get to play the Maya. The Conquistators are a given, of course.
Seven Hills Game Submissions opened yesterday evening, and the schedule is filling up fast. Saturday afternoon is already fully catered! If you fancy running a game:

1. Pick a slot and location in the Grid: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/148WYlnc20nqQN_V4SEvDvEzUl9B6d4L52kfAqiE-MOA/edit#gid=0

2. Add game details to the Index: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet...vDvEzUl9B6d4L52kfAqiE-MOA/edit#gid=1385455885

3. (Optional) Post in this Tavern thread to tell the world about what you are running: https://www.gamingtavern.eu/tavern/index.php?threads/seven-hills-2019-historical.423/

If you do want to run a game, please grab a ticket first, which you can pick up from https://7hills.org.uk.
Done but I felt it was a tad early and felt pressured by everyone else piling in to grab spaces.

I've submitted a game set in Marylebone London in 1901. A strange explosion kills 2 men and a woman. Sherlock Holmes can't be called on to investigate because he's one of the victims. I've said I'll run it using a game called "The Code of Times Past" which doesn't actually exist - yet.

And a game set in a different Marylebone London in 1901. The airships, overland railway and thronging happy citizens from the Commonwealth show that something has gone very wrong - or very right - with history. The Doctor can't be called on to investigate because he's cut off in an alternate branch of time - one that no longer exists. (Has a really obscure tag that some people in this community will work out.)

First Age

D&D h@ck3r and Hopepunk
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Into the haunted ruins of Dura-Europos
System: Heroes of Zenobia (Vagabonds of Dyfed)

By our reckoning it is 260AD, 1013 years since the founding of the Eternal City. Now, the Desert Queen Zenobia of Palmyra sweeps all before her. Persia has already been heavily defeated in battle and the Decapolis - the Ten Cities (Syria) are at her beck and call. That’s where you come in. A rag tag group of fearsome mercenaries, agents of Zenobia, riding the crest of a new wave.

At this critical point in history, you are summoned to court for an audacious mission, deep in the chaos of part conquered territory, to the haunted ruins of the devastated and abandoned city of Dura-Europos. There it is said are rare treasures of ancient Macedon, whispers and rumours of powerful sorceries sourced from Bāb-ilim, the first great tower, Babel, the 'Gates of God' in ancient Akkadian. Zenobia needs ancient relics, perhaps an Alexandrian super weapon, that will propel Palmyra into a new age.

This meticulously researched, monster laden, swords and sandals scenario, faithfully reconstructs actual events that altered the course of history. It is highly desirable for players to have at least degree level in the Classics, Ancient History and be fluent in either Aramaic or ancient forms of Greek. Alternatively, to have watched movies like The Scorpion King, Conan or Gladiator.

First Age

D&D h@ck3r and Hopepunk
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Zenobian PCs.

A Cimmerian Barbarian of the North
Course, brutal, Aaaargh

Varo Maximus
An Imperial (Dacian) Ex Farmer and Legionnaire of the III Legion
Phlegmatic, efficient, homesick

An Ionian ex Gladiator now Mercenary
Lucky, Lusty, Lively

A Palmyrene Philosopher and Horse Archer
Observant, thoughtful, right most of the time

An Oshroene Merchant of Edessa, now Treasure Hunter
Quick witted, quick tongued, quick

A Palmyrene Scholar and Acolyte of Bel-Marduk or Magician
Flamboyant, amused, conflicted


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Here are my two games I am running at Seven Hills.

Heatwaves and Rain-Guns
Tales from the Loop RPG
Saturday morning slot.
For up to seven players. Newbies welcome!
The long summer days never seem to end and weather is hot and sunny. The adults are always moaning it is too hot and sweaty; they have stopped us using the hose pipes when we play in the garden. So we’re on our bikes and off the lakeside to swim. But who is that guy on the grav-hover motorcycle and why does he keep following us around?
Tags: Player-led, Sci-Fi (Alt-History), Nostalgia Play, No Pre-gens, Rules-lite, Newbie Friendly, Musical Accompaniment.

Computer Cassettes and Crash-Test Marionettes
Things from the Flood RPG
Saturday evening slot.
For up to seven players. Newbies welcome!
If the 1980’s was the decade of technological wonders and renewed optimism then the 1990’s was full of crass commercialism and cynical skepticism. Delivering the World Wide Web, Microsoft Windows, Sony PlayStations, Grunge music, and Cool Britannia, the Teens have more pressure and responsibilities. The only way to blow off steam is at a rave or just to get away from everyone and visit the Isolation Zones in the flooded Land of the Loop. Amongst the rusting hulks and abandoned buildings are old wonders to be discovered and away from prying eyes the Teens feel free. So what if it is dangerous?
Tags: Player-led, Sci-Fi (Alt-History), Nostalgia Play, No Pre-gens, Rules-lite, Newbie Friendly, Macabre, Musical Accompaniment.



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Thoroughly looking forward to this one - it's been a while that I've been trying to get into one of your Loop games. :giggle:
No pressure there then! 😱😉

‘Heatwaves’ is based on an old BBC Kids programme from the 1970’s called ‘Cloud Burst’ if anyone remembers it?
The blurb picture is based on a cover of ‘Smash Hits’ including the fonts.