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First Age

D&D h@ck3r and Hopepunk
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These are the journal notes from our Shadows of Esteren game.

We will introduce our heroes soon. Three of them are well known to each other, living in and around Melwan, a little village in Tulg's dukedom, located close to the border between the kingdoms of Taol-Kaer and Gwidre. On one side, the road that crosses the valley goes through the community of Dearg and leads to the dukedom's capital city, Tulg-Naomh. Melwan and Dearg are often called “the twin villages” because of their close links, notably regarding mining works. On the other side, the road heads toward the dukedom of Dùlan and goes deep into the Mòr Roimh, the mountain range that crosses Tri-Kazel's peninsula.


Melwan is inhabited by little more than two hundred souls, each one taking part in the community’s life, alternating their activities according to the seasons. The Mac Lyrs' castle is close to the village, separated by a bridge spanning the black river flowing through the village. When winter comes to the vale, snowfalls are heavy, and the community becomes isolated. In the first days of spring, the roads become passable again. Itinerant merchants return and trade resumes with the
nearby villages, particularly Dearg.

All is not well in their village...

More of our adventures next week.