[generic] Share your maps

@Brass Jester - all the maps are for my Squaddies games. System agnostic military science fiction: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/11484/Astronautilus-Productions

Before I started publishing the scenarios, I tended to use Real World maps of uninhabited/low population bits of the world for "this is another planet, honest". e.g. Iceland, Greenland, New Zealand Alps, Nullarbor Plain, Namibian desert. So when I draw my own maps, I want contour lines and to make it look like a 'real' modern map.

The star map started life when I was running the Terracide RPG and only owned the black & white version of the rulebook. Which meant the official maps (originally in colour) were difficult to use. Plus there was no single map for all of human space. So I re-drew it, and decided to put in the stars Terracide hadn't put on the map, but had mentioned in the text.

Then got driven bonkers trying to draw 3 dimensional space on a 2D bit of paper, so decided to abstract it and do it as a tube map!

Plus Evil Dr Ganymede of SFRPG forum kindly ran one of his astronomy/star mapping programmes and gave me up to date info on stellar distances, so I updated the Terracide map and made it more complicated for Squaddies. Since then, Evil Dr Ganymede and others have made their own tube maps for various games. Though they very sensibly usually only put on the main trade routes and not every possible jump! :)