Skyraiders of the Floating Realms on ZineQuest 2 now!

Ok, this one has moved fast, and already funded, the next stretch goal for this year’s ZineQuest2 on Kickstarter is a little zine sized D100 Fantasy Adventure RPG I’ve been working on called Skyraiders of the Floating Realms.>

It’s a maximum gaming fun concise D100 with a punchy immediate fantasy setting, centred on adventurers travelling and exploring the Floating Realms of the title using Sky Ships and other methods.

I explain a bit more in this update.

As I said its already funded, and I’m now funding two quick adventures as final stretch goals.

Here’s the front cover by Peter Frain, which is in grayscale because that’s the rules of ZQ2 (all art should be like an old 80s zine in B&W or grayscale), but if you want it in colour there’s a high tier pledge level which allows you to do that.

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Yesterday backers smashed through the latest stretch goal, Adventure 2: The Floating Forest, so this morning I posted another set of three stretch goals (some pre-made characters, a small bestiary and five npcs) for the campaign.

And because there's only five days left on the campaign...

The final day of funding, with one last stretch goal to play for.

Yesterday I posted two blog posts about Skyraiders;

First off a small bit of gaming fiction that introduces the setting of the Floating Realms and give an idea of the tone and scope of the game.
Then there is a character sheet of a starting character