[writing] So, this DriveThru malarkey..


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I really should publish something, shouldn't I?
Nothing grand, but a nice 32 page adventure for OpenQuest, or a micro encounter for 5e, or a planetary system for Cepheus.
So, how do I go about the whole DTP nonsense?
I mean I know my DTP well, but I don't have a working copy of InDesign on any of my machines right now.. and I was hoping to head towards Affinity DTP, but it doesn't import InDesign templates.
So.. is it back to the dreaded Word, or boot up Scribus, or grit my teeth, find a copy of CS5.5 and install InDesign again?


Rune Priest
Sign up as a publisher, and you get access to a whole bunch of tutorials via their help desk, which go through the processes they use and have templates for both Scribus and Indesign.
What’s the problem with Word?

For me I download a word template from somewhere. 6 x 9 trade paperback.

Use it pretty much as is.

Run it through lulu to pretend I’m going to use their system to publish it, but actually just to check for errors and produce the pdf.

Upload the pdf to drivethru.

Use Photoshop to produce the cover.

Ignore the warnings and tell them to print anyway.

And it works.

Keep it simple - both my philosophy and recommendation.

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I used LibreOffice for Heroic Fantasy, and had some help with the cover from Steph.

Otherwise, I had the services of Dom and Paul.

For Wordplay 2 I thought I'd try Affinity and just see if I could bodge it.