Spam Spam Spam Spam ....


Rune Priest
Another lot of spam this morning.

I know another forum I'm on never gets any spam because all the board posts are private. Only members can see posts.

Is it possible to perhaps we could move to post approve system? I know it is more work for the mods, but once a member is proven not to be a spammer, then the mods can allow that person to post freely.


Rune Priest
The other alternative is to only allow new members to, say, only post once every 15 minutes or so. I suspect what we're getting is some kind of bot activity.


The Guvnor
Staff member

(But I think you want to put this in the board management forum!)

Any solution cannot lead to an excessive increased workload on the moderators: this is a voluntary service is not a full time job.

I have changed registration to require admin moderation approval before they proceed to membership.

We are investigating tighter measures.

I am not willing to make the board private.
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