Spammer alert

Semi-tangent: I've had notifications of a bunch of blocked attempts at website logins the last few weeks. If you have a WordPress site and don't have a security plugin, this would be a good time to get one. (I use Wordfence following trusted crowdsourced recommendation; there are others.)


Rune Priest
Is there a way we can keep the spammers out? Groups on Facebook make you ask questions, which I find is an effective tool to keep spammers out. Perhaps we could set one up here with three questions and if you don't answer all three correctly you're not allowed in?


Staff member
Nathan, they go through a screening process and questions. We’re killing a load of spambot applications at the moment. There are tools @Ezio has built into the BBS that help.

(Edit) For example, I just killed four applications from known spam sources after writing this reply.