[watching] SPOILERS Game of Thrones SPOILERS THREAD

Did anyone else feel Danny's death felt a little bit anticlimactic? My wife and I were like 'Oh, he did'.

Don't know whether that was because of limited acting on Kit's part of how they shot it, but it felt a bit of a damp squib


The Guvnor
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I really enjoyed it. I recommend the whole series. We will watch it again.

I did not expect the endings but they worked for me. Unlike some people I feel no need to drag out the epiode run. They were already longer than your average TV show.
I loved the torment of Jon before he ends Danny, and the peril as the final dragon burnt the throne.
The end of Jamie and Cersei with Tyrion crying over them was just right.
I did my expect Bran as king, but liked the nod to an appointment of monarch by the oligarchy.
Sansa played it just right and seized the moment for the North.
Jon was suitably sad.
Grey Worm's anger and bitterness was perfectly acted.
I am pleased Arya wasn't Death but Vasco de Gama.
Brienne recorded J's life so well and discretely.
Loved that Tyrion did not even feature in the book.