The Guvnor
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I was delighted to hear our @Stronty Girl aka Dr.Bob on "Improvised Radio Theatre" May episode "Unchained Unicorn".

She gives us a good overview of the Squaddies product range she publishes. In other sections Mike and Roger discuss rebuilding civilization post apocalypse and talk well about Traveller and Infinite World's.

[Improvised Radio Theatre - With Dice: Latest posts] Unchained Unicorn #improvisedRadioTheatreWithDiceLatestPosts
https://podplayer.net/?id=103863207 via @PodcastAddict

Brass Jester

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This was really interesting and inspired me to check out Squaddies - really impressed with it. I've also picked up 'Troopship Down' as the HOG are hankering for some modern day/ sci-fir military stuff.