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Listen, up front I’ve got to say that I’m not a fan of the Stag and Hen rituals, at least those popularised as the wildest default of debauchery. It could be my approaching this at an older age, but I’m not convinced it has ever really been me. The received wisdom is for a last non-random roll of the dice, scoring inebriation, humiliation and casual sexual infidelity. From my inhibited straight-jacket of innocuous integrity, I’d rather go for some fun that remained respectful to my fiancée and future wife, and some good times that I’ll actually remember.

The full fat yoghurt was for breakfast granola only, no cheerleader was involved.

My tame Stag weekend is now over and what a fantastic time I have had with my closest and dearest. Following Carmel’s Hens against Humanity party of the previous weekend, I set off with my two sons, Connor and Cameron, to Sherwood Center Parcs for a weekend of chill, fun activities, food and drink and good times. We rendezvoused with bro-in-law Ross on Friday and my brother James on Sunday.




Quad prep​

My boys​

Good food, bourbon, whiskey, lagers, water park, CRAZY golf, ten pin bowling and quad biking were permeated with chat, strolls and some gaming. It’s a rare event to bring us together and so nice we did it. Terrific for my two boys to get some decent time together, which they really enjoyed.

A weekend to remember, celebrating my future with lovely Carmel, accompanied by my closest who want the best for both of us.

Good times.

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