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Like seriously, how many more franchises will become role playing games outside the ruleset of D&D of Wizards of the Coast 800-pound gorilla and survive the long run?


I enjoy the Stargate Universe, and as a TV series it has way more potential than the Alien universe for an RPG Campaign.

However, I really enjoy Fria Ligan's Year Zero Engine, so the Alien RPG was a must have.

So what shall I do about Stargate? Hack a home brew with YZE?



The Guvnor
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For me d20 in space has been a leap too far.
I'd suggest buy a few second hand season guides and FY0 it.
D6 would work fine (and I think there may be D6 fan games out there)
Ditto Traveller

Who are Wyvern Gaming, what have they done before?