Sunday sunset

A few days ago I blogged to say that I’d paid a nominal amount to ensure my readers were not subjected to adverts, partly because I value you, my non-existent reader base, and partly because what appears might be contrary to the tenor the post or my own views. However, since then barely a day has passed without a chatty email from WordPress treating me like an idiot. I’ve been blogging for years, not days. While I hate to sound like the inevitable old fogey (which I am, fondly remembering newsgroups, mailing lists and bulletin boards), they sadly tend to confirm my worst suspicions about the nature of blogging and related forms of expression. So far I’ve been exhorted to ‘create an irresistible “About” page’ & schooled on how to ‘avoid the #1 mistake new bloggers make’. (In case you wondered the answers are to the first is just to create one… and the second is to identify my desired readership).

It’s the latter point that sadly confirms my general reading of the matter. Too many folks I meet today understand blogging and wider social media in a transactional manner. The intention is to build an audience or readership as if selling a product or opinion. While I of course want people to read this (even if sometimes I question why anyone would wish to do so) my motivations are to share observations, poetry and thoughts because I wish to do so and in the hope that people will enjoy them or find them useful. Anything I gain is pleasure and company, and anything I hope you receive is similarly useful and enjoyable, and not a product or service. While I’m grateful for “likes” they are a pretty poor substitute for engagement… especially when they come from sites trying to sell me a lifestyle. (I already have one, thank you). I do wish that some of my former blogpals would interact, but life moves on.

Anyway, the sun’s gone, June’s arrived, the day’s ended… and because a pretty picture is meant to boost readership, here’s a picture from this jaded old cynic!

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