Superstitions and favoured items

As a player and a GM, I have some 'quirks' (let's say.) My main one is, I always use matched dice. For example, if I'm playing Traveller or Hostile, I always use a set of black dice with red spots (the LBB Traveller colours.) For SQUK; I have a set of orange d6 that I use for damage (and I really must get some orange d10's and d20's.). Any other d6 games I use a set of red dice with white spots
For Numenera, I have an entire range of dice in purple (very nice, but hard to read under artificial light now my eyes are getting old.)

For percentage dice, I have a white and a black lozenge-shaped d10 which always have to be used.

As for d20's (with my notoriety for rolling multiple '1's in any given session); I currently am using a white one with black numbering; which so far has not let me down. The purple one that let me down so badly in Numenera I have snuck into Ben's dice box, in the hope that the curse will rub off or transfer itself.

Does anyone else have similar quirks (or am I just weird?) o_O