TabletopScot Tabletop Scotland 2019 RPG Schedule

And the events booking is live! Get your spaces while they are still hot!

To be clear, Tabletop Scotland operates a "some in advance" policy for RPGs, meaning something like 2/3rds of the spaces at each table are pre-bookable, the rest only on the day. I quite like this system, as it means those who morally object or just can't be bothered still get a chance to get into the popular games, and aren't just stuck at my table...
RPG list updated again with yet more top offerings, including a Mr Baldowski running some Cthulhu Hack, some Aliens RPG, also Delta Green, Aegean (I don't know this one), and, err, probably some other stuff.

There is a lot of great-looking games on offer, including a rare chance to play the Dundee-born Superlatives superhero RPG (I say rare because as far as I know if you weren't one of the Kickstarter backers you can't get your hands on it to play).

I'm kind of hoping some of my games don't run, so I can get in on some of the others. Don't tell Dave.
Run by a certain Richard Talbot of Traveller fame. But don't tell him I said that. He's running the Alien game on the Saturday night with Paul running the other one.
Aegean (I don't know this one)
I got a glimpse of this at UKGE when Stoo showed me it. Looks really cool.
Busted! But seriously if you want to pull one of your games to play a game just say the word.

Our ticket sales are certainly booming compared to last year too which is very exciting.