Tavern running slow, or even timing out


The Guvnor
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if you have been experiencing speed issues, or even timing out on you.. I empathize, this is the opaque update from our host:

Dear customers,

please be informed that some of services may run a bit slower at this point due to technical difficulties. Our admins work on a fix and we will provide the usual speed again ASAP.

Thank you for your patience, your Servage team


The Guvnor
Staff member
we are sorry to inform you that we are currently having high load on our server. Due to the high load, some of your services are running slower. We are sorry for that! We are checking the systems and we will provide a fix ASAP.

We ask for some patience from your side.
34sp.com. Both me and John Ossoway (and I think Dom on John's suggestion) use a Manchester based company who are 100% dedicated on the customer service and technical side, enough to keep me as techy happy.
They do a specialist Wordpress hosting package that is geared up for security (in short they pull WP-Admin and WP-Includes out of the site and into a secure inaccessible folder) and you can have about three sites (from memory) off one package.

I'm on a Business hosting package, because I'm awkward and have a Wordpress Multisite, from the days when it was a test bed for stuff at work (where having Wordpress multisite makes 100% sense) and the idea was to spin off a blog every time I did a new game (a dev blog), and even though its non-standard the tech support have worked with me to keep it up and going.

I moved there primarily because I was fed up with the horrendous support that I was getting from other Dad/Son Unix hosting settups and of course Servage (which for me became an automated excuse factory when it came to support), and I've never looked back. Wheeeeeeeeeee! :D