[shopping] Temptation waits... what are you resisting?

I'm dithering over The Driftwood Verses from Red Moon Medicine Show at the moment, a dark nautical setting for Lamentations of the Flame Princess. It's not cheap (a fair price, perhaps, but still not an impulse buy for me) and I'm rather disappointed that they do not include PDFs for that much. Been waiting for it for ages though and it does look appealing…
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I am also trying to resist hardcopy Laughter of Dragons, as @Dom's FB photo of Darkening of Mirkwood helpfully reminds me.

May be experiencing that early lockdown buy lots of things phase coming round again, to fill some sort of emotional void.

Ed: and also also the Star Trek Adventures Humble Bundle, which is kind of inevitably going to happen, and maybe the corebook in print given the accompanying discount.
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