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First Age

D&D h@ck3r and Hopepunk
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Did you notice that Greg Saunders is now working on Warpstar!? It's effectively Warlock in space; think the kind of intent that Rogue Trader originally had before it became Warhammer 40,000.
Fancy it. It'll be out soon apparently and I will snaffle it up. I love Greg's stuff.

First Age

D&D h@ck3r and Hopepunk
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But what old school SF RPG? Surely that is Traveller?
Laserburn+Combat3000/1+Spacefarers and Rogue Trader

I've been a bit harsh on Traveller, it's alright. I was looking back at my 2014 TravCon scenario and the PCs I put together with my rule tweaks were rounded and competent. I think I was a bit cavalier with the 'if a skill has a number (invariably a 1) you can only have it up to that number. I think I allowed skills to increment when these arose regardless of level.

Could do with playing or running some.


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It's a game that I never really grokked despite owning it twice. That said, I think I had a box full of cards rather than some lovely looking hardbacks? I'd be fascinated to find out how it plays.
The Kickstarter for the return of Everway starts soon. I have long loved Everway, to the extent that I have got the game to the table. I shall do so again. Any other sad hippy fans over here?

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Looks interesting. Did some research about it too and even more interesting.

Do you have links to the new Kickstarter previews, like what StudioAgate (the Fateforge RPG) are doing with their Kickstarter previews on Facebook?
Oh gosh. I was given Everway years ago, and have never got round to reading it.

@Dom The old one is a boxed set with pretty cards for resolution and IIRC a couple of slim softback books, and some arty sample character sheets. (In fact, a bit like an early ancestor of today's starter sets.)

@First Age Do you know whether they're making it a more trad dice system so it runs out of a book/s?

I -think- it was more culturally sensitive than most games - the above art nudges that idea - and if they manage that plus a creative and accessible play experience they could find an audience today, not least among the US west coast streaming community, and from there more widely.
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Everway is the first RPG I ever played. I got a second hand copy as a birthday present some years ago and I've run it a couple of times too. I'm pretty excited to see it make a comeback.

I hope the new version keeps the oracle deck in some form, even if it does go a bit more traditional.
Got it for a fiver in “The Works” back when my playing group was my son and his two friends. Not exactly the ideal group for this game.

As Dom said I never really grokked it back then. I could run it now because of my experience, not the game system itself. Two different Referees pulling exactly the same cards would deliver totally different outcomes.

The idea of using the four elements as characteristics had potential which I’m not sure was realised.

But the main things was that pack of cards.

Year later when I’m trying to buy art for my own games I realise just how much the art in that pack is worth. I notice they’re still reusing it all these years later. And the potential to use it in other games is immense.

Pretty good value for a fiver.