[shopping] Temptation waits... what are you resisting?

My DTRPG printing (with the TDM Newsletter discount) came from Lightning Source in Milton Keynes. My Aeon purchases have been coming from Orca down in Poole so I'm not sure if Aeon have changed providers or been taken over while keeping the store front. Anyway I don't think there's likely to be much difference in quality between the two sources as I reckon most POD companies probably use very similar machines/printers.


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It's more a Warhammer Fantasy Heartbreaker :)

I had the pleasure of playing it a Go Play Manchester Online a couple of months ago, it was really good :)

A case of narrative and mechanics really complementing each other. I was so impressed I rushed out and bought one of the last 1st Edition hardcovers. Its one of those games I'm really keen to run just for fun :)
I am horribly tempted, to be frank. One of the guys who writes has been one of my key inputs to my Dolmenwood games.
Dark, grim and creepy always appeals to me..

Oh shit, my finger clicked.. I may withdraw..
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For those who do not have the "+2 Cloak of Resistance" vs ew systems, this Kickstarter may surely tempt you.

Black VoidL Under Nebulous Skies

I really like the premise of Christoffer Sevaldsen's Black Void. It has that grim dark space opera theme going on.

Sadly, it uses rules outside my traditional d20 and d6 core playbooks. Not even the older d100 or the funky Genesys dice.
Black Void strangely uses d12s? Why would anyone use those for the core mechanics?
Even The One Ring had to port into a D&D 5e version to allow traditional d20 rolls with Adventures in Middle-Earth.

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Why use Zweihander when you can Warlock!?
Never played Warlock but many Americans may know Zweihander from its earlier Kickstarter and this new RPG is about the American Revolutionary War with elements of Native American horror.

I am really tempted. But, sadly, the creator of the game is virtue signaling too desperately, with reminders that minorities are driving the team peppered repeatedly across the Kickstarter page. That itself may grant me the "*3 circumstances bonus" against this temptation,, despite the d100 rules mechanics nullifying my +2 Cloak of Resistance.


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Then no. Unless you are American, because the Native horror sounds ace.
I think the 30-60% deaths amongst Native Americans after 1492 is enough horror for me.
I am not blaming the colonists, it was a horror of pandemic annihilation. The diseases vectored across North America before the British or Dutch or French had landed.
Some went the other way, STDs for example, but the net body count fell heaviest on the Native Americans.
I have now been exposed to Blades in the Dark and am trying to resist Scum and Villainy, the Star Wars/Firefly/any other space opera you like mashup version. I really like how the ships are handled, and the basic game engine is very fast and leans narrative rather than tactical. I think it would work very well on VTT, especially if it is supported as well as Blades is on Roll20.

My resistance is successful so far, chiefly because it will be 2022-23 or so before current and planned campaigns end, and I can only deal with GMing one campaign at a time.


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I liked the look of it, but need to read it properly. That said, the Forged in the Dark game that's most likely to get to table for me is a||state.

Part of me is very tempted to start a small campaign using 'Nicely, Done" (https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/330791/astate-NicelyDone?term=nicely,+don ) and the old material I have. When I ran it at North Star it very much felt like a game that would drive itself (very Blades in the Dark).