[shopping] Temptation waits... what are you resisting?


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Which is the last version of Traveller you *played* and which one did you *love*?
I'm taking played to include running, as I rarely get to play Traveller.

a) Played: Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition.
b) Love: MegaTraveller, T4.1 and Mongoose (core rules only) and Starter Edition.

*MegaTraveller was my hardcore Traveller days, but I much preferred the sub-systems in High Guard etc. which I first paired with my first love, Starter Edition Traveller.
*T4.1 was when I really got back into the game. I used T4 a lot with BITS and was fortunate to get the playtest notes from Marc for T4.1 (which has slowly evolved into T5.10). I liked this version despite Imperium Games awful editing. Sadly, I have the hardcover T5 which is second only to City of Mist in impracticality due to its hugeness.
*Mongoose Traveller - especially in 2nd edition form - is the cleaned up version of CT that I wanted years ago. I just wish they'd left the combat engine for starship combat in line with their 1st edition as the new one is not brilliant for quick resolution.

If it was irrational love it'd be Starter Edition with CT Books 4,5,6 added on. (4 for weapons, 5 for starships, and 6 for systems)


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Actually...T4 was the last version I played. I can't say I loved the system particularly, but I did love the games we played (10 players at one point!). If only it had been published by someone who cared... Never got around to playing GT or T20 (I don't have MgT1), but I will be playing MgT2 after Expo.

Classic is probably the game I come back to at heart, given it was my first SF RPG. Powered a number of homebrew games as well.
Sounds like your heart is closest to Classic and MgT 1 or 2 are closest to Classic. U didn't warm to T4, and T5 is more of T4.. so I think you know the answer.
I should be all over the Alien pre-order like an over enthusiastic face-hugger , but Im continuing to resist. USMC are gonna have to take care of themselves while I deal with WFRP4 incursions. I'll be getting that for The Enemy Within campaign, if I can muster a group that's up for that long haul campaign.

Trying hard to resist this especially as it's a) $60, b) has a players companion for $40, and c) shipping on the two books would be around $55!
I'm trying hard not to go for Sensor Ghosts on Kickstarter:
Sensor Ghosts
I played both games at Expo and they were fun, I bought a copy of Assembly... but I want the pair of play mats at £23 each, and the extra copy of Assembly for 4 player action, and, well, that turns into about £100 for some board games I'll rarely play. And I could spend that on RPGs I'll rarely play instead...