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Rune Priest
Millenium books 4 & 5 aren't Stieg Larsson and are widely held to be not as good...

Anyway, just spotted Robin Hobb's The Complete Liveship Traders Trilogy: Ship of Magic, The Mad Ship, Ship of Destiny for £4.49:,digital-text,148&ref=nb_sb_ss_i_1_6

The individual volumes are £1.99 each:
Ship of Magic:,digital-text,148&sr=1-5
The Mad Ship:,digital-text,148&sr=1-4
Ship of Destiny:,digital-text,148&sr=1-3

Having already got the first, I just grabbed the last 2.


Rune Priest
Smashwords ( has their summer sale posted running throughout July. It's the usual morass of self-published works with a smattering of back-list titles where the rights have reverted to the author. Note that prices are in US$, and unless you have a US bank account, it's best to pay via PayPal.

Of note:
Ruthanna Emrys: Imperfect Commentaries is $3.50 (50% off)
Very recently published short story collection not available on Amazon (at least in the UK).

CatYelling (publishers) have a number of titles by Will Shetterly & Emma Bull. Not in the sale, but they tend to be cheaper than Amazon:
I've picked up electronic versions of various titles (I already have Liavek in both electronic and print - note that the electronic versions differ because of rights).

Lavie Tidhar ( is currently 50% off in the sale. The 4 Apex World SF books (one - #4? - was in a recent StoryBundle) are $2.50 each and a couple of novellas are $1.50 each and thus cheaper than Amazon.

Cynthia Felice: Iceman is $2.00 (50% off):

Other authors with some titles in the sale:
Lee Killough:
Melissa Scott: (the Astreiant series)
Sherwood Smith: &
Vera Nazarian:
Jeffrey A Carver:
Chris Dolley:
Ben Bova:
Brian Herbert: (NOT a Dune sequel...)
John Dalmas:
Robert Silverberg:
Sean McMullen:
There's a new HumbleBundle:

$1 gets you:
William C Dietz: Deathday
Tanya Huff: February Thaw
Scott Mackay: The Meek
John Zakour and Lawrence Ganem: The Plutonium Blonde
Erin Lindsey: Bloodbound
Adam-Troy Castro: With Unclean Hands
Jack Campbell: The Dragons of Dorcastle

$8 adds:
William C Dietz: At Empire's Edge
Tim Akers: The Horns of Ruin
Tanya Huff: Sing the Four Quarters
Silvia Moreno-Garcia: Prime Meridian
Marie Brennan: Warrior
Jack Campbell: Ad Astra
Erin Lindsey: Bloodforged
Jack Campbell: The Hidden Masters of Marandur

$15 adds:
Tanya Huff: The Fire's Stone
Simon R Green: Drinking Midnight Wine
Simon R Green: The Swords of Haven
Simon R Green: Deathstalker Reborn
Marie Brennan: Witch
Jon Sprunk: Shadow's Son
Jack Campbell: The Assassins of Altis
Elizabeth Moon: Deeds of Honor
Daniel José Older: Salsa Nocturna
Charlaine Harris: The Layla Collection: Dancers in the Dark & Layla Steps Up
Aliette de Bodard: Servant of the Underworld

It's a nice selection, but I think I'll probably give it a miss: the only 2 I want are both top tier titles, and I already have 8 titles across all 3 tiers (Tanya Huff x3 , Marie Brennan x1, Simon R Green x2, Elizabeth Moon and Charlaine Harris).