The Bargain Bookstore

In today's Daily Deal:

Record of a Spaceborn Few, by Becky Chambers (Wayfarers 3) is 99p

Sea of Rust, by C Robert Cargill is 99p

In the December Monthly Deal:

Children of Time, by Adrian Tchaikovsky is 99p

Pandora's Star, by Peter F Hamilton (Commonwealth Saga 1) is 99p

Troy: Lord of the Silver Bow, by David Gemmell is 99p

Perdido Street Station, by China Miéville is 99p (this may be a repeat)éville-ebook/dp/B003GK21A8/ref=sr_1_15?fst=as:eek:ff&qid=1575177964&rnid=4363389031&s=digital-text&smid=A1G3UP32AZJ14F&sr=1-15

Zoe's Tale, by John Scalzi (Old Man's War 4) is 99p REPEAT

All the Weyrs of Pern, by Ann MCaffrey (Pern 11) is 99p REPEAT

Foundryside, by Robert Jackson Bennett (The Founders 1) is 99p (this may be a repeat)

Summerland, by Hannu Rajaniemi is 99p (this may be a repeat)

Arcanum Unbounded: The Cosmere Collection, by Brandon Sanderson is 99p

Books 1-4 in the Boundary Magic series, by Melissa F Olsen are 99p each
Boundary Crossed REPEAT
Boundary Lines REPEAT
Boundary Born REPEAT
Boundary Broken,p_lbr_books_authors_browse-bin:Melissa+F.+Olson&dc&fst=as:eek:ff&qid=1575178123&rnid=535007031&ref=sr_in_-2_p_lbr_books_authors__246

Two Discworld books by Terry Pratchett are £1.99 each
Interesting Times (#17)
A Hatful of Sky (#32),p_lbr_books_authors_browse-bin:pratchett.+Terry&dc&fst=as:eek:ff&qid=1575178123&rnid=535007031&ref=sr_in_-2_p_lbr_books_authors__280
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