The Clockwork Men – Episode 3 – Escapade at the Elms

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Previously …

‘There have been a disturbing number of robberies at jewellers throughout the City recently’

‘I was hired by a gent with wild hair and staring eyes to take a cargo of machine parts and bits to an address in Surrey.’

‘Is Sykes dead?’ a reedy voice asked. ‘Er, yes, guv’nor, we done him good’

‘Couldn’t catch the bounder, what! Tracked him to his den though; place called “The Elms” in that place in Kent.’

27th January.

Parked up on the road opposite “The Elms”. They couldn’t see much, it was a single-storey house with bricked up windows and surrounded by a thick, high privet hedge. There was a single door at the front; by climbing an elm tree at the rear they ascertained that there was a rear door. The Lagonda was parked at one side. The only way in appeared to be through a set of wrought iron gates.

Some enquiries in the town revealed that “The Elms” was being rented on a short-term lease by a Dr Ruby.

Various plans were discussed, such as crashing the Chrysler into the front door, or climbing down the chimney (‘Think you’re jolly Father Christmas, what?’) Finally they decided to sneak in at night by picking the lock on the gate.

They were attacked by clockwork machinegun turrets hidden in the hedge; firing razor-sharp discs. Richard was wounded and Patches took a fatal hit, which upset Dukes. Richard; now “The Punisher”, destroyed the turrets by literally tearing them out of the ground.

Gaining access to the house; they found it was rigged up with many Heath Robinson devices that did various things like lighting fires, preparing food, scraping mud off boots and plucking nose hairs; they were also met by The Butler; a clockwork man who kept insisting on taking their hats and coats.* Every room had at least one clock in it. Eventually, they found Dr Ruby in his study, guarded by several clockwork men.

Dr Ruby had wild hair; mad staring eyes and a thin, reedy voice. ‘No! You shall not defeat me! The Eye of the Rajah will be mine! **

In the melee that followed; Richard was injured and incapacitated; Dukes and Shujin were injured. Dr Ruby managed to escape down the secret passage in the bookcase. When they tried to follow him, they had to fight The Butler. By this time; Dr Ruby had escaped.


In the study, they found blueprints for the clockwork men; including an upgraded version that had a built-in revolver in its left arm. There was also a map of London centred on the Tower of London; a scribbled note read the eye of rajah. There was another set of blueprints for some kind of gun; like a rifle but big, bulky and tripod-mounted. No-one could figure this out.

In the basement reached by the secret passage; they found a well-equipped machine shop; a large pile of rubies (around £5000 worth) and an empty tripod mount. There was also a scale model of the Tower of London; with several perfectly circular holes burnt through it.

‘The bounder is after the Crown Jewels!’


GM Notes

* For any mansion/ large house; I just use the board from “Cluedo.” The later edition is good because it includes gardens and the gazebo.

** Rotwang, from “Metropolis.”

A satisfying conclusion to the Adventure. At one point, it looked like it was all going the PC’s way; then Harry (Richard) went down and they started to panic.

The weapon, of course, is a laser; however they haven’t yet made this connection

The Butler shouldn’t have been a pushover; but that’s the way things go.

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