The Currents of Space – GM 3

Episode 12 was quite an eye-opener for me and is taking the story off in a VERY different direction. I’d like to spell out how it got to this point, because, on the face of it, it looks very contrived and pre-planned.

I can assure you, it is not pre-planned at all; and, to be frank, I really do not know where this is going.

The trek across the Bright Face (nod to one of my favourite CT adventures)

There was a very real danger of death if any roll had been failed and on both of the major rolls (the chasms), they only succeeded because of the +2 Bellatrix added.

The big reveal with the camera image

This looks like it was really contrived from the start; but this is how I thought it through. There can be other interpretations; but one of the basic rules of Mythic is ‘go with your first instincts.’


* The Lebkuchen have an interest in genetics and gene-splicing. Capella’s story confirms this.

* The clones were created by Haruna for organ-replacement donors. Paul Yao is a Haruna VIP, so would have had access to this donor facility.

* Haruna has a presence on Crown; Makita are a rival genetics corporation.

* Several people are being burnt by tasers; this is a Lebkuchen trademark.

Skill check

Was Paula able to pull anything off the data card in the camera- roll ‘12’; exceptional success.


Detail Check – what did Paula find?

Disfavours PC/ a random roll gave Achernar. A roll on his Life Events gives the accident on LR804 where he lost his eye and his partner and love interest was declared MIA.

Looking at the timeline, the 2009 uprising happened before Achernar joined the Survey Scouts.

Tying it all together; it made sense that Lydia was a Lebkuchen. I created a little bit more about them and determined that the GF3 model was designed to capture and store genetic material.

* The Lebkuchen are interested in DNA splicing

* Why did Haruna create this model in the first place?

Obviously, Achernar had a bad reaction to this.

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